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Stephanie Burton

Ceramics: A lot of times I will sketch out an idea inspired by nature and my surroundings. Once I have a conceptual idea, I start making the tangible piece. Once fired, I add a variety of textures similar to a collage painting to my ceramic pieces. I then stain the piece with an oxide creating an antique look, then I glaze it with Matte & Glossy glazes to give the piece visual interest. Every piece is one-of-a-kind. My process includes two firings: First firing is a bisque fire reaching 1945 degrees, and the Second firing is a glaze firing reaching 2232 degrees. At this point, it is food safe and the sculptures can go outdoors.

Mixed Media: I use a variety of paints, inks, stencils and collage papers. I create an inked background using multiple stencils, then I bring in my focal point which could be a person, etc. I then ground my subject with a stabilo pencil creating a gestural quality to the drawing/painting.

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