Project Description

Stefanie Adams

It all began one Presidents’ Day…

During a quick trip to Portland one day, my thoughtful hubby stopped to pick up a free Craigslist item for me-a box or two of leftover watch parts for use in crafting. Looking over the box of various vintage watch parts-from faces to gears, from pocket watches to winding stems-I found them all mesmerizing! I knew that I would never get tired of creating from all the different types of vintage and antique watch findings.

I never start out with a finished idea in mind, exactly. I don’t even know if I’m starting on a pair of earrings, or a necklace, or a brooch…I’m creatively inspired by the materials themselves, individually and in context to each other. Mixing and matching items and findings and gems takes lots of time, and more often than not, it’s frustrating and fruitless. Sometimes a large chain looks best with a charm, but it might unexpectedly look great with a tiny leather strap, and I won’t know this until I’ve exhausted all the other

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