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Laura Bray

As an embroidery artist and teacher, I believe in the power of traditional, “women’s work” to transform a community. My tagline is “Building a Community One Stitch at Time”. In my embroidery classes, I bring people together to rest and connect with others. Stitching is a meditative process, slowing down time. By gathering together to work on our embroidery, we build a community.

I design my own patterns, often using themes that reflect my life and interests. Houses and flowers are prevalent themes in my work, reflecting my love of my home and garden and the safety and beauty they bring me and my loved ones. I am working on a year-long project of slow stitching in which I am growing dye plants and then using them to dye embroidery floss. I am exploring not only the concept of slow stitching with this project but also the sense of place-connecting my working deeply and literally to the land and community I’m living on.

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