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Hilarie Couture

I paint People. That is my passion, sure I can paint other subjects because it is all about shapes yet there is a certain connection that I have to human life and I HAVE to paint that. I have been told that I capture the essence of everyone I paint and I used to be most concerned with likeness. Growing as an artist, I realize that now it is the process and application along with color that excites me. Now I will go beyond the photo or the life, pulling from that, making the image my own, not to just copy what I see. I need to create with my own bravura, color sense, and energy. The overall composition has also become more important as I explore the portrait. I want the viewer to really feel my work, to experience their own truth within it. I want to be the poet, not the novelist. I have recently been adding some mixed media elements and layering new paintings over old revealing a bit of the old…transcending what is “real” for what is real anyway ..I am pushing the boundaries.

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