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Cynthia Mosser

I am energized by organic, biomorphic forms which appear to converge, connect or float in space. Compositionally, my work has a strong emphasis on shape, color, and pattern, which can create a lyrical, visual movement. My goal is to engage the viewer and help them encounter ecstasy, vibrancy, and beauty.

Colors and structures inherent to plants and animals, as well as architectural and Eastern European folk art designs,  provide me with endless sources of inspiration. With color, I am interested in bringing a saturated, full palette into my work to create energy. Outside of late spring, early summer, and autumn trees, my color use stems from the eye’s need to see chromatic balance – my answer to the Pacific Northwest’s desaturated, misty environment. Finally, pattern finds its way into my paintings through my fascination with ornamental European architecture, folk art motifs, lace, and decorative stitching.

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