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I lived in Boulder Co for a few years and that is where I discovered my love for leathersmithing and painting. When I lived over seas writing and drawing were my life line, the best source to combat PTSD. I worked with women and children who had been human trafficked. In Boulder I started a CO-OP for local artist. I am a finger painting artist. I use no tools or brushes just my fingers. My two main mediums are acrylic and isopropyl.

Each of our pieces are one of a kind heirlooms, never again to be exactly recreated. A Sojo journal begins with carefully selected leather. Cured for almost a decade, the hides are incredibly soft, yet durable. Each one is laid out and the process begins on mapping out the perfect cuts and shape, they are then laid over artist quality papers and carefully stitched with waxed linen by hand. Only five implements are used to complete the entire process. It’s truly an artisanal labor of love from one journaler to another.

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