SEASON 8: Jul–Dec, 2019

Layali U. (Grade 4): Fox
Nafisa U. (Grade 2): Cats
Lyla B. (Grade 3): Fern
Mikaylee F. (Grade 9): Bus Dogs
Natalie W. (Grade 4): Give Some Kind
Anna C. (Grade 2): In My Basket
Madeline C. (Grade 12): Frog’s Song
Cass K. (Grade 4): Kindness is a Match
Emmy P. (Kindergarten): Moose Wearing a Tie
Gwendolyn Morgan (Clark County Poet Laureate, 2018-2020): Honeybee Haiku

SEASON 7: Jan–Jun, 2019

Suzann M. Baldwin: Untitled
an’ya Bartolovic: Old Memories
D.H. Carol: Hole
Laurie Cutter: Wildflowers
Lauren Duquette: I remember
David Hubka: Soaked
Holly Miller: Historical Disaster
Gay Garland Reed: Queen Anne’s Lace
Jacob Salzer: Untitled
Mark Sargent: note to the letter carrier
Melissa Clarke Ward: Untitled

SEASON 6: Jul–Dec, 2018

Annie S. (Grade 3): Ode to Summer
Christina S. (Grade 12): How the Phoenix Flies
Christina S. (Grade 12): Strangers
Ella J. (Grade 4): Across the River
Grace W. (Grade 5): To be a Book in 20168
Hanna P. (Grade 5): The Butterfly that Stands Out
Lillianna K. (Grade 5): Land of Magic
Margaret H. (Grade 4): The Beach
Noah S. (Grade 5): Spaceships
Nyomi S. (Grade 4): Snowy Mountains

SEASON 5: Jan–Jun, 2018

April Bullard: Reflections
Diane Cammer: Elevate the Floor
Denise Campbell: One Heart’s Desire (excerpt)
Stella Jeng Guillory: In A Pow Wow
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: At Home
Pat Sciuchetti: Time
Gary F. Suda: Daybreak
Susan Williams: Bus Stop
Angela Winfield: In-Between
Louise Wynn: Who Rides?

SEASON 4: Jul–Dec, 2017

James B. (Grade 4): North Carolina
Gavin B. (Grade 4) Arizona
Brooklyn C. (Grade 2): Picture of Your Heart
Ellie G. (Grade 8): If
Allison K. Grade 5): The Way Earth Is
Kaylee K. (Grade 5): Lady of the Sea
Berenice L. (Grade 6): My Loving Prince
Jacob R. (Grade 8): The Right Way
Johanny S. (Grade 6): Book
Christina S. (Grade 11): We’ll Remember These Days

SEASON 3: Jan–Jun, 2017

Cherish DesRochers-Vafeados: Joy
Bruce D. Hall: A Long Ago Memory of Calmer Times
Christopher Luna: pavement pastoral
Bill Lucking: Subsequent Layers of Existence
Tod Marshall: With Apologies to Andre Breton (excerpt)
Livia Montana: Why We Don’t Belong Here (excerpt)
Gwendolyn Morgan: Hope, embossed
Angeline Nguyen: Eulogies Are for the Living
Bridget Nutting: Just Breathe
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: Calling
Alex Vigue: Camilla
Desiree Wright: how to love (excerpt)

SEASON 2: Jul–Dec, 2016

Colwyn B. (Grade 9): A Candle, A Light Bulb, A Glowing Fire
Elora H. (Grade 6): Still I Rise
Ashley S. (Grade 10): Don’t Be Afraid
Jaden L. (Grade 7): From the Airplane
Andrew H. (Grade 9): Ego Poem
Marley J. (Grade 4): Space
Rheanna N. (Grade 9): Slowly Sinking
Emma L. (Grade 10): Stoney Surprise
Breanna K. (Grade 3): Snow
Jessica K. (Grade 9): Love

SEASON 1: Jan–Jun, 2016

Neil Aitken: Extern (excerpt)
Tiffany Burba-Schramm: Everything Settles
Diane M. Cammer: We could fly
Sherri H. Hoffman: Pilgrimage, 1988
Erin Iwata: Ours (excerpt)
Tim Klein: Counterpart
Christopher Luna: Ghost Town, USA (excerpt)
Toni Partington: Honeycomb Prophecy
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: Journey
Karen Read: Fourth Plain Boulevard

Season 6 and 7 poets honored at Artstra’s 2019 Celebration of Poetry

Season 6 launch event

Poets at the Season 5 launch event

Season 4 launch event, Vancouver Farmers Market

Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall joined the Season 3 launch event

Proud young poets at the Season 2 launch event

Poetry Moves kicks off at Vancouver Mall


‘Poetry Moves’ highlights work of young poets, Scott Hewitt, The Columbian, July 14, 2017

Poetry Moves: Young poets’ works adorn C-Tran buses, Steve Mathieu, The Columbian, July 3, 2016

‘Poetry Moves’: C-Tran, arts agency team to entertain, inspire bus riders, Scott Hewitt, The Columbian, December 21, 2015

Call for poetry

Artstra is proud to announce the call for poetry submissions for Poetry Moves Season 9. All levels are welcome to submit. The deadline for submissions is October 31. Poetry Moves is a chance to inspire thousands or even help someone else with your creative heart and words.

Artstra’s Poetry Moves features original works by poets in Clark County and throughout Southwest Washington on C-Tran buses. The upcoming six-month session highlighting adult poets runs from January 2020 through June.

There is no need to rhyme every line. Free verse repetition with rhythmic quality that uses mechanisms like alliteration and metaphor and even every day speech can create magical poems. Of course, poetry can also be quite complex in its renderings of subjects, experience, and feelings as well. Poetry Moves connects our community, and all poets – new and experienced — are encouraged to submit original works.

View guidelines and application

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