SEASON 9: Jan–Jun, 2020

Ian Caton: Soft Serve
Lisa Demoreno: Earthworm
Leigh Hancock: Saudades
Rainy Knight: Grasshoppers
Claudia Castro Luna: Recipe
Toni Lumbrazo Luna: Write Yourself a Love Poem
Robin O’Brien: At the Station
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: Life Soup
Stephanie Spencer: Stopping Time
Terry Vetter: Old Man

SEASON 8: Jul–Dec, 2019

Layali U. (Grade 4): Fox
Nafisa U. (Grade 2): Cats
Lyla B. (Grade 3): Fern
Mikaylee F. (Grade 9): Bus Dogs
Natalie W. (Grade 4): Give Some Kind
Anna C. (Grade 2): In My Basket
Madeline C. (Grade 12): Frog’s Song
Cass K. (Grade 4): Kindness is a Match
Emmy P. (Kindergarten): Moose Wearing a Tie
Gwendolyn Morgan (Clark County Poet Laureate, 2018-2020): Honeybee Haiku

SEASON 7: Jan–Jun, 2019

Suzann M. Baldwin: Untitled
an’ya Bartolovic: Old Memories
D.H. Carol: Hole
Laurie Cutter: Wildflowers
Lauren Duquette: I remember
David Hubka: Soaked
Holly Miller: Historical Disaster
Gay Garland Reed: Queen Anne’s Lace
Jacob Salzer: Untitled
Mark Sargent: note to the letter carrier
Melissa Clarke Ward: Untitled

SEASON 6: Jul–Dec, 2018

Annie S. (Grade 3): Ode to Summer
Christina S. (Grade 12): How the Phoenix Flies
Christina S. (Grade 12): Strangers
Ella J. (Grade 4): Across the River
Grace W. (Grade 5): To be a Book in 20168
Hanna P. (Grade 5): The Butterfly that Stands Out
Lillianna K. (Grade 5): Land of Magic
Margaret H. (Grade 4): The Beach
Noah S. (Grade 5): Spaceships
Nyomi S. (Grade 4): Snowy Mountains

SEASON 5: Jan–Jun, 2018

April Bullard: Reflections
Diane Cammer: Elevate the Floor
Denise Campbell: One Heart’s Desire (excerpt)
Stella Jeng Guillory: In A Pow Wow
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: At Home
Pat Sciuchetti: Time
Gary F. Suda: Daybreak
Susan Williams: Bus Stop
Angela Winfield: In-Between
Louise Wynn: Who Rides?

SEASON 4: Jul–Dec, 2017

James B. (Grade 4): North Carolina
Gavin B. (Grade 4) Arizona
Brooklyn C. (Grade 2): Picture of Your Heart
Ellie G. (Grade 8): If
Allison K. Grade 5): The Way Earth Is
Kaylee K. (Grade 5): Lady of the Sea
Berenice L. (Grade 6): My Loving Prince
Jacob R. (Grade 8): The Right Way
Johanny S. (Grade 6): Book
Christina S. (Grade 11): We’ll Remember These Days

SEASON 3: Jan–Jun, 2017

Cherish DesRochers-Vafeados: Joy
Bruce D. Hall: A Long Ago Memory of Calmer Times
Christopher Luna: pavement pastoral
Bill Lucking: Subsequent Layers of Existence
Tod Marshall: With Apologies to Andre Breton (excerpt)
Livia Montana: Why We Don’t Belong Here (excerpt)
Gwendolyn Morgan: Hope, embossed
Angeline Nguyen: Eulogies Are for the Living
Bridget Nutting: Just Breathe
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: Calling
Alex Vigue: Camilla
Desiree Wright: how to love (excerpt)

SEASON 2: Jul–Dec, 2016

Colwyn B. (Grade 9): A Candle, A Light Bulb, A Glowing Fire
Elora H. (Grade 6): Still I Rise
Ashley S. (Grade 10): Don’t Be Afraid
Jaden L. (Grade 7): From the Airplane
Andrew H. (Grade 9): Ego Poem
Marley J. (Grade 4): Space
Rheanna N. (Grade 9): Slowly Sinking
Emma L. (Grade 10): Stoney Surprise
Breanna K. (Grade 3): Snow
Jessica K. (Grade 9): Love

SEASON 1: Jan–Jun, 2016

Neil Aitken: Extern (excerpt)
Tiffany Burba-Schramm: Everything Settles
Diane M. Cammer: We could fly
Sherri H. Hoffman: Pilgrimage, 1988
Erin Iwata: Ours (excerpt)
Tim Klein: Counterpart
Christopher Luna: Ghost Town, USA (excerpt)
Toni Partington: Honeycomb Prophecy
Jennifer Pratt-Walter: Journey
Karen Read: Fourth Plain Boulevard

Artstra’s 2020 Celebration of Poetry set for National Poetry Month will be rescheduled for a later date to help slow the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Season 6 and 7 poets honored at Artstra’s 2019 Celebration of Poetry

Season 6 launch event

Poets at the Season 5 launch event

Season 4 launch event, Vancouver Farmers Market

Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall joined the Season 3 launch event

Proud young poets at the Season 2 launch event

Poetry Moves kicks off at Vancouver Mall


‘Poetry Moves’ highlights work of young poets, Scott Hewitt, The Columbian, July 14, 2017

Poetry Moves: Young poets’ works adorn C-Tran buses, Steve Mathieu, The Columbian, July 3, 2016

‘Poetry Moves’: C-Tran, arts agency team to entertain, inspire bus riders, Scott Hewitt, The Columbian, December 21, 2015

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