PaperCut Society founder Alyssa Nicholas is a dedicated supporter, advocate, and creative entrepreneur. Alyssa provides invaluable business advice and support for creatives through one-on-one sessions and group workshops, including the free “Roadmap for Creatives: From Here to Your Vision.” Additionally, PaperCut Society hosts fun and engaging community-building events.

The most exciting news is the launch of PaperCut Society’s gift shop, a unique space that brings their mission to life by addressing the real struggles artists face in making a living. Alyssa has immersed herself in research on various economic and business models, gaining insights from business mentors across Washington State. Through countless candid conversations with creatives, she identified a common theme: the struggles of artists were not being voiced or heard by the community.

“I’ve always known it’s important to support artists, but I didn’t fully understand why until I started listening to their stories,” Alyssa shares. “Hearing their struggles made it clear that opening a gift shop wasn’t enough. I needed to create a solution.”

Alyssa developed several experimental best practices to support creatives and activate community engagement, including introducing the concept of ‘the struggle story.’ She believes that transparency about the burdens artists face is key to mobilizing community support.

Through a community partnership with the ARTScentered, PaperCut Society has been invited to participate in Vancouver’s arts hub center building with a soft launch of the Gift Shop on VDA Art Walk’s First Friday, July 5th at the Vancouver arts hub building. Visitors to the gift shop will find handmade items from local and regional artists, including ceramics, glassworks, screen prints, and books. Each artist’s bio includes their struggle story, emphasizing the importance of community support.

Visitors to the Gift Shop can also become part of the story and the solution by purchasing a “PaperCut Bandage.” 100% of the profits from these sales go into a fund to support artists with marketing, branding, copyright fees, education, consulting, headshots, art supplies, custom framing, workshop or class fees, application fees, and administrative expenses.

Alyssa’s vision is to use PaperCut Society’s best business practices to improve the local creative industry standards and build a stronger, more resilient economic climate for creatives. For more information, visit

If you are an artist interested in what PaperCut Society is doing to support creatives, please contact Alyssa HERE:

What: Soft launch of PaperCut Society’s gift shop
When: July 5th (grand opening event on September 6th at the arts hub building from 5-8 pm).
Where: 1007 E. Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver