Money anyone?

The time is ripe to apply to one of seven grants available to individual artists and arts organizations. Now in its second year with a successful launch in tow, the Arts of Clark County’s money pot for grants is brimming with $4,500 to split among winning applicants. The deadline is August 15. The juried grants are awarded in the fall.

“Having an application process, and a regularly scheduled award time allows for artists and nonprofits to budget and plan around the application deadline,” said Karen Madsen, chair of Arts of Clark County. “A small grant can end up being the catalyst to something wonderful, or just be the added ‘extra’ to make something actually happen.”

The annual grants program, open to all artistic disciplines (visual art, music, dance, performing, literary arts, etc.), is designed to help organizations and artists to complete projects that benefit the Clark County arts community and align with the vision of Arts of Clark County. Awards also assist artists in the creation, promotion, and presentation of their work.

“If they (applicants) have a great idea for a program or project that helps connect the arts to our greater Vancouver public, then apply,” said Michael Smith, chair of the Arts of Clark County Grants Committee. “The Arts of Clark County grants program is a great opportunity for artists and nonprofit organizations to receive startup funds for projects that benefit our greater community.”

Arts of Clark County started the grants program to help create a consistent application process with predictable timeframes in order to award funding for well-defined projects that also serve the area upon completion. This could mean a public exhibition, being presented or performed, or simply getting published in Clark County.

“There were times when people would come to us with a request for help in funding, but we didn’t have a policy or a procedure that was consistent.”

The future of the grants program looks bright. The hope is to continue to provide a stable funding program to assist in the development of strong ideas resulting in stronger connections between artists and the public.

“We are always looking for additional donations to supplement our current funding source,” said Smith. “Our goal is to continue to grow this program and provide important funds to both artists and arts organizations.”

— Jackie Genis

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