Vancouver Ballet Folklorico (VBF), Fourth Plain Forward, and Artstra have collaborated to launch a new program, Espacio de Arte en el Parque, spearheaded by Anna Cruz, Artstra board member and founder of VBF. The program is also a natural extension of Artstra’s Creative Relief Clark County.

Cruz’s idea was inspired by fond memories of her childhood in Mexico where she had the opportunity to attend a Casa de la Cultura in Chapala, Jalisco where children of all ages would go to create art. Led by a few volunteers, the activity would take place Saturday mornings in a high ceiling house with a big terrace.

“La Casa de la Cultura helped me embrace the free opportunity to draw, paint, make crafts,” says Cruz, “and to leave aside unhealthy family dynamics.”

She says it was a peaceful place and she is so thankful that it existed for her. Cruz is enthusiastic and hopeful that the partnership with Artstra and Fourth Plain Forward will bring similar benefits, she says “to areas where our priority communities live, for their children and because art is a window to a different world.”
Espaciao de Arte en el Parque is held at Evergreen Park, 3500 E. Fourth Plain Blvd. in Vancouver from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the first and third Saturday of each month, May through October. View flyer.

Volunteers are needed to help lead art-making projects. Please contact if you would like to help with this worthwhile and fun project.

Vancouver Ballet Folklorio website
Fourth Plain Forward website

Maia Cruz and Saraí Graciano paint rocks at Espacio de Arte en el Parque