Creative Relief Clark County is a program of Artstra, providing arts supplies, project ideas, and instruction to communities with limited access to the tools of creativity. Creative Relief gives people the rewarding and healing experience of creating with their own hands. Whether drawing, painting or writing, this program offers a bit of relief for both adults and children from the stress and difficulty they may be experiencing.

The program encourages a positive interaction with others while providing a creative outlet from daily challenges. Creative Relief provides an alternative to the passive entertainment of TV or video games. Art supplies are often unavailable to those in need and yet there is plenty of evidence that making art can relieve stress and help individuals and families work through emotional issues.

Creative expression is a human need. It is a way to learn, explore, and share emotions and experiences in a way that is only possible when one makes something tangible in the physical world. Creative activity can make time stand still and immerse the maker in a world of their control. It can be a safe haven from the daily stresses of unpredictable circumstances people may find themselves in.

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Art nourishes our souls, connects our community, and transforms the world.


We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization advocating for the arts in Clark County and Southwest Washington. Our all-volunteer organization works toward building greater arts awareness, rewarding creative excellence, and expanding arts accessibility.

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