Valerie Blessley

SAVI Clayworks is the culmination of my decades-long love of clay, the living, breathing substance of Mother Earth. My artwork is a celebration of the miracle of the clay, the power of fire, and the birth of beauty that occurs when the two meet. Through this humble substance, and the work of my hands and heart, I can “speak to” those who use my pottery. Knowing that my fingerprints and manipulation of the clay has the potential to last for millennia is awe-inspiring.

My Nordic heritage grounds my pottery work – from nature themes and the cultural traditions of the North, and the plants that grow in the woods around my studio. On my potter’s wheel, the spirit of the North comes alive in the clay – the SAVI. I mix colored clay for my intricately carved sgraffito patterns, which reflect the artwork and needlework found in traditional Nordic objects. It is my hope that those who use my pottery pieces in their homes find a spirit of renewal, of new

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