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Tom Relth

Sometimes it is challenging to see the forest for the trees. I will often step away from my work for a time. I look at it to see what irritates me. However, I know when the work is complete because it stops bugging me.

As a practicing abstract painter, I work on a large-format canvas or panel and will incorporate both complex and recognizable forms from nature and everyday objects.

Using both traditional tube paints and adding dry mineral pigments, I focus on the abstraction of ideas and the use of arbitrary color. I have found that it is OK to paint the sky a bright yellow or use the wrong” color when painting. At times, an atmospheric light or the idea of matter at its onset creeps into the work. 

Whether attempting to represent an object, a landscape, or a feeling, I follow that inner voice that argues to keep going. Maybe it will work out, maybe not. Perhaps, I will get to the other end of the forest.

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