Project Description

Tom Relth

My work is both abstract and representational. I work in abstract landscape, and from my experience of nature’s complexity, hoping to guide our survival mechanisms to “read” the painting as a kind of window into a hypothetical landscape. By tackling the picture plane, first based upon that experience, I attempt to capture an illusion of space within the accompanying foreground. Within this, using the natural elements of representation as clues, one perceives a place to explore. Here, there are no actual trees, leaves, rocks, or other “clues”. There is no trail. There is no horizon line. Yet, within this, there is a place to go. Hopefully, I proffer a complexity as in nature. The works attempt to share a vision of the rational and representational, but also the unseen and unspoken spiritual spaces of the creation. The color choice in the works may evoke synesthetic associations in the viewer. If one remains quiet with the paintings, it is possible to sense a kind of silent music.

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