Stephanie Burton

I’ve been creative ever since I was a little girl. What I’ve noticed currently as a working artist and Hand-building Instructor is your practice takes just that, practice! As an instructor you have to show up and do the work which has improved my craft immensely! It’s almost as teaching is my muse to creating a body of work. I’m constantly learning, applying and teaching new processes. Because of my strong interest in texture I like to finish my clay work with an oxide wash. Then I add a matte and glossy glaze to create even more interest. My first passion as a young girl was drawing and painting. In the last year I have been revisiting Mixed Media and playing with collage, painting and drawing. I have taught several Mixed Media Classes this year and so far, they’ve been a hit!

I am so excited with all the wonderful mediums I have been discovering. I love to start a background with a cohesive color palette and then build collage on that background. Then I bring in my focal point.

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