Project Description

Stefanie Adams

The last year has been a year of tumult and change…not the least for my artistic journey. My work with strictly vintage and antique watch-based jewelry was set to the side, as I explored other materials and impulses to create new work. I am currently drawn to beads of all types, as well as epoxy clays and mirror tiles…but my beautiful watch bits of time and memory seem to find their way into much of my newer works. In addition to creating unique and engaging wearable art, I am working with presenting my hopes and desires for this world in 3D sculpture. I’m asking myself questions about life and answering them through my work with these newer materials. I love making my work a little interactive so that the viewer can be hands-on and think more fully about the topics or questions involved. Some newer work is now exhibited in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, ME. I’m constantly working to hone my artistic skills in hope of inspiring viewers with hope, joy, humor, and surprise.

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