Project Description

Sharon Agnor

In my late 40’s, I thought it was too late for me to find my voice as an artist. After trying many mediums and taking many classes, I found myself in a sculptural welding class. I learned to love the materials and what I could create in 3D. With the addition of kiln cast glass, my large outdoor sculptures can tell a story…about the hard work of healing, the loss of a loved one, and the beauty of the created world around me. The inspiration I find in these two materials comes when they are both stressed by extreme heat. They become something beautiful in this process. I find a parallel here with the extremes of life and their potential for inner growth.. They can bring out my inner beauty and character.

My creative process always begins with a maquette, which is a scale model. I work out 3D design issues this way. Translating the model to a 6 to 9 foot sculpture is a challenge I enjoy. I love that public sculpture can start a conversation in the community.

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