Rosemary Herr

An angle, a curve, the flow of the form … the eye follows what the hand has created. In this way the onlooker is drawn in, stepping onto the path and into the individual journey from which each piece is created. Often, ideas and inspiration come when I’m away from the studio. In the forest, where deeply chiseled lines in the bark of giant trees or a patch of tall grass swaying in the wind, hint of texture. In the high desert, where the soil beneath my feet and the clear sky above are rich with color that inform a simple palette. I pay attention to such serendipitous prompts.

My current work is an expression of images seen on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The the lush flora and fauna with their exaggerated curves, combining strength and soft detail; coral and sea creatures, that ebbed and flowed with the rhythm of the surf. My focus was on the reduction of these natural inspirations into the essence of each piece.

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