Patty White

I work in fiber arts and specialize in wet feltmaking. I create wearable art pieces, like vests, hats, scarves and wraps, laminating tissue-thin silks and fine, unspun wool fibers. My felt surface is a canvas and fibers are my paint, but my wet, soapy process and manipulation with my hands produce a fabric with layers of complexity and boundless avenues for artistic adventure.

In a new body of work, I am painting with fabric dyes on stretched silk and then felting these paintings into new paintings with lines and wisps of unspun wool as well as felt collage elements. My work explores movement and memory as I create different generations of felt fragments to reassemble into compositions. I also indulge in narrative trails by imbedding textural elements between the fabric and fiber layers. My love of abstraction is a perfect fit for wearables, as my reversible designs offer color choices and tempt the wearer to create anew in the privacy of their home and in front of a mirror.

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