Project Description

Pamela Sue Johnson

Art making for me is the visual storytelling of my lifelong quest to be seen and heard. I often put words in my art, words that tend to emerge while I am creating the work.

I create much art focused on nature and the female form, for I see so much parallel of the bursting of Life in the natural world and the human body. I seek to inspire and empower others by provoking the imagination with creative imagery. Art helps tell the untold stories I carry in my body. The physical process of creation fuels my journey of body and heart healing.

I am a believer and practitioner of the restorative power of creating art. For this reason, I am not only an artist but also an art instructor with deep gratitude for guiding others in their creative journey.

As a full-time artist, I find no shortage of inspiration for art-making. I need only look at my garden or the beautiful artistry of the female form to evoke my art-making.

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