Michelle Wright

Rushing River Design takes resin art and wood making a high quality and sustainable product that become a family treasure. Epoxy resin is a two-part solution consisting of one part resin and one part hardener. When these two parts are combined, a chemical reaction takes place in which they chemically fuse together to create something that resembles plastic. It takes constant work heating the chemical fuse material, to make sure you don’t have bubbles in your process. Once the now-fused resin has cured completely, you’re left with a highly durable material that happens to be extremely versatile, easy to use, able to withstand extreme heat and cold, and can be sanded and drilled if need be. Adding mica powder gives you the ability to make ocean waves, marble and abstract art. This process takes wood (cutting boards, wine flight paddle, coasters, etc.) and uses resin to bring out the beauty of the wood and make a product you will cherish for years.

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