Project Description

Mary Grout

I have always been drawn to figurative ceramic sculpture. I design my figurative sculptures by combining my love of gardening and ceramics to create garden art. My work is not delicate, I want it to be used in the garden. In my sculptures, I want to show emotion, especially in my garden totems.

Clay is very satisfying as a creative medium. The process is relaxing, using my hands, making each piece unique. Clay is a very forgiving medium; you can continue to shape and form it until you are satisfied with the result. Many times when I start a piece, I have no idea what emotion it will show; I begin with fresh clay and see what emerges.

I use earthenware clay. Everything is one of a kind. All my work goes through at least a 2 fire process in the kiln. The sculptures are finished with underglazes, oxides, and stains. Sometimes a piece will go through several firings before it is complete because I need to add more oxides or stains to get the desired result.

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