Project Description

Lois Steiner

I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Claremont in sculpture and performance art. However, because I had a career in another work arena, I gravitated toward jewelry in the last 20 years – I love the materials and small space required. I recently completed the construction of a beautiful new studio. My inspiration comes from nature and the Universe – using both found and manmade elements. My expressions are meant to evoke a sense of both grounded tranquility from the beauty of the elements incorporated, and the excitement/refreshment in the design. My intention is not to produce a commodity, but to provide a unique heirloom treasure for whoever owns my work. I work mostly with gold, silver, and copper often incorporating semiprecious gems – some bringing special energy to the piece. I have a number of completed pieces in various price ranges, however, I also enjoy doing commissions tailored to an individual’s unique preferences and my experience with design.

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