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Lois Steiner

My inspiration comes from nature, the universe and unique circumstances/timing that are worthy of expression. This year, in addition to my more conventional jewelry projects I am concentrating on a new series – Mystical Totems. Although I am not Native American the genre speaks to me loudly. The rocks, gems and crystals are joyful expressions/inspirations that bring context and beauty into people’s lives sans opportunities or desire for wearables. I incorporate plants, animals or their parts as well as special stones for symbolic and spiritual meanings. I work with gold, silver and copper plus special lapidary pieces I find on trips and field forays. With a Masters in Fine Arts from Claremont in sculpture and performance art, I prefer jewelry and small statement projects created in my beautiful new studio completed in 2020. I have available pieces in various price ranges and enjoy doing commissions working with a person’s unique preferences and my 20+ years of design experience.

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