Lois Steiner

I still create numerous wearable jewelry pieces, this year I have concentrated on an evolving series – mystical totems – of more sculptural forms. These are hangings for windows or even chandelier whimsies. They allow me a fluidity and spontaneity of design my wearables often lack. Nature, the universe and unique circumstances (personal and political) capture my imagination and inspire me. The gems, crystals, lapidary, nature finds and gold, silver and copper wire stimulate my curiosity to create joyful or thoughtful pieces for people.

Trained in sculpture and performance art (MFA from Claremont), I now do jewelry and hanging pieces. In my new studio (2020) I phase work on several pieces at a time: concept development, gathering, shaping, polishing materials, building the parts, resolving engineering issues, reworks and final touches.

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