LesleyAnne Ezelle

My studio is on an alpaca farm. As an artist I work in two mediums – clay and fiber. To create the rugs, scarfs and hats I use the fiber from the farm that I have harvested. I have a love of color and blend both acid dye and natural colors to create the color palette that I use for my products. The rugs and scarfs are handwoven using a four-shaft loom and the braided rugs are created using a traditional American braided rug design. People who visit the studio get to learn about how we raise alpacas, harvest and process the fiber and turn it into art. I am also a ceramic artist, building functional pieces from clay slabs. My style is described as whimsical, using shapes and form that I have developed based on antique pieces I have collected over the years. I use templates to create form and lace and Indian wooden blocks to create texture. By layering different glaze colors I create depth and fractured color.

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