Project Description

Kendall Jones

I am a figurative ceramic sculptor interested in surreal human and animal forms.

I use a creative process taught to me by my friend and mentor Sara Swink. The process utilizes college work, and draws out subconscious imagery to be synthesized and manifested in three-dimensions. Lately, I’ve been privileged to participate in several wood firings at East Creek Anagama. I love the surrender required of atmospheric firings, and the ethereal works of art co-created by my own hands and breath of the kiln gods.

A recent series of mine came out of an artist residency in Puebla, Mexico and involves a series of nesting faces and half-faces. I was inspired by a pre-columbian series of emerging masking and also by sculptures of Huehueteotl, an aged Meso-American deity. My work in this series explores various aspects of self, as well as the cycles of life, aging, death and rebirth and the interconnectedness of human beings as one manifestation of universal consciousness.

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