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Kelly Neidig

My paintings refer to the landscape with hints of quantum worlds and outer space. Time and memory play a significant role in my art. I often incorporate the elements and colors of places I’ve lived or traveled. The juxtaposition of city and country comes from my memories of growing up along the Ohio River in a blue-collar borough of Pittsburgh, PA. I was fascinated with all the bridges and loved taking the bus into the city. On the weekends we drove out to the country to visit my grandparents. On clear evenings my dad would get out his telescope and we’d look at celestial objects.

My process is slow and meditative. I start each painting by building up thin layers of bright colors. I focus on the present moment and the experience of passing time. Light and atmosphere are key to determining my palette. Shape and composition start to form with every layer. Each painting informs the next and my process is experimental.

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