Kathleen Duncan

Many of the woods I use are from trees that have been cut down due to disease or construction. This is wood that would otherwise be burned or end up in a landfill. To me, it is exciting to find the hidden beauty in a chunk of wood. Even a very plain piece of wood offers design opportunities. With plain woods, I often enhance the wood by carving. Pyrography, texture, or color.

Each piece I turn must have a balance between touch, shape, proportion, and any embellishments I decide to include. I turn a variety of items – both functional and artistic. Following my retirement, I began turning very thin (2mm) vessels and piercing a design into them with a high-speed dental drill. My pierced pieces are generally small, less than 6″ in height. Much of the movement I try to incorporate in them is taken from nature.

Much as I enjoy turning by myself, what gives me the greatest satisfaction is showing children the magic that we call woodturning.

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