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Kathleen Cosgrove

My art is about the passage of time and the effects on ourselves and the environment.

I consider myself a social change artist in that I want my work to engage people in a conversation about how they look at the world. Recently I have worked primarily on two bodies of work. One is called “Feeling Our Age” in which I am painting portraits of 60 women over 60 and asking them to tell me how it feels to be their age. This information will then be exhibited and put together in a catalog. The 2nd body of work is about the impact of climate change on the Pacific Northwest. This work was included in a two-person show exhibited in June in Provincetown MA. The show was called “Hell and High Water”.

I create paintings and sculptures from a diverse mix of materials many of which I find in my own backyard. My curatorial approach often incorporates installation that encourages the viewer to become immersed in the work.

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