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Karen Kessler

My favorite subject is movement; dance, yoga, or just moving around in everyday space, to capture the unposed moment.

I work slow. I accumulate large quantities of material to begin with. Like it takes a lot of potatoes to make a fifth of whiskey, it takes me a lot of thoughts images and imaginings to make a finished piece of art. I’d like to be more efficient. I’m just not. I make many sketches and then compile many layers of paint. A block print can have many layers of ink and paper. It’s a conversation with the materials. Sometimes it becomes a long argument.

I love print making. The physicality of it all; including the mess, the smell of the ink, the variety of available papers and complicated processes.

And at the other extreme I love the immediacy of painting. The loaded brush makes a mark on the surface of the painting and if you don’t like, you can wipe it off, or let it dry and paint over it.

Making art is my universal constant.

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