Project Description

Kara Krieger-McGhee

Recently my bouncing 4-year-old granddaughter handed me a picture she’d just drawn and while gesturing from her head to the picture she excitedly exclaimed, as if she’d discovered her super power, “Now you can see what was in my mind!”

“I love it!” I said.

The spark in Klara’s twinkling eyes lit a childhood memory of when I too discovered the power to show people what was in my mind through drawing. Curiosity about life is the innate beginning of creativity in me. It stirs up the need to make sense of invisible, abstract ideas that are spawned in actual experiences. Thought distills and colors the visual story that my hands mysteriously bring into view with tangible, visible mediums. Sometimes the stories are complicated, sometimes simple, at times there is a twist of irony or humor-but that is when I show what’s really in my mind.

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