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Jungmoo Ahn

The subject of my art is nature. I am captivated by the variety of nature’s expression as its beauty shifts like a kaleidoscope throughout the seasons. I strive to create paintings that move and breathe with the life force (chi) inherent in the landscape-reflecting its beauty, goodness, and truth.

Traditional Chinese painting techniques differ significantly from western style painting. Once a brush stroke has been executed, it cannot be painted over, or covered up, due to the painting’s transparency. Because of this, the artist’s emotion and technique must be merged in every brush stroke. This is one of the challenges of oriental painting.

My approach to painting is to create harmony and rhythm through the interplay of strong and weak lines. I have practiced my method of brushwork over a lifetime. As an artist, I continue to live and experience life through my canvas and brush, striving to capture the truth within a natural world in flux.

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