Jason Litts

A self-taught artist who has been painting for over 20 years, inspired by the environment of the Pacific Northwest.

Inspirations are also drawn internally, from a shadow of a memory, a fragment of a dream, or an outer ripple of an emotion. Those are then transferred to canvas.

Litts observes, “We all have our own stories to tell. The ever-changing movie that is our life experience. I am delighted and surprised by what people see in my work and how their interpretations often vary from or add to the intentions that I had as an artist.”

The intent of the artist should not matter to the viewer. “The creative process is therapeutic and meaningful for me personally. I want to provide ample room for others to perceive value and experience meaning from their own experience with my work. What do YOU see?”

Litts’ end goal in creating a piece of art is that it might resonate with something deep inside each individual and facilitate an emotional response special only to themselves.

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