Project Description

Jane Wolfe

My guardian sculptures love being near plants, places to enliven. My very first sculptures didn’t quite turn out as I had imagined. But they didn’t know they were rejects and demanded to be in the sunny garden. My neighbors loved them, and so the guardians began to talk to me and congregate.

My guardians come in all shapes and sizes. Some are like goddesses with special symbols, some are childlike with teddies and puppies. Each has its own personality and will gravitate to the right person for their forever home. I’ve added totems with different shapes and textures to round out the community.

My artist life has been an explorative journey, experiencing different art mediums including ceramics, textiles, and mosaics. I play (very seriously) with texture and color, getting to profound whimsy and surprising depths. I mix medias to see how they can flow together to make stronger statements.

My ceramic studio features a kiln, wheel, slab-roller, and lots of shelves and tools.

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