Project Description

Jan Heigh

My work as an abstract painter is a journey of experimentation and discovery as each painting pushes and challenges me to learn something new. I enjoy creating fresh work even when it has its own unique challenges to solve. So why not throw out the rules and combine materials to see where it takes me with each new start?

I’ve been a “maker” from an early age. All the exploration has led me to abstract or non-objective painting. I’ve explored a world of materials, methods, mediums, and substrates. I use acrylic paints as well as graphite, pastels, inks, collage, oil pastels, metal leaf, and various acrylic texture mediums.

I will usually start with various color and shape ideas to see where it leads. Eventually, I pause and study where the painting is headed which can take hours, days, or longer. The paintings are impressions and observations from a lifetime of experience in the Pacific Northwest.

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