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Jackie Wood

My work begins with color. As inspiration for a new collection emerges, it is the combination of colors that sparks the story in every painting. The blending of these colors becomes a dance across the surface of the work. This dance invites you to experience the color and connect with it. The abstract layers of my work allow you to feel what you see in the work in front of you. I paint to evoke emotion, but not control it.

My paintings are created with layers of mineral paint, pan pastel and collage. To build a textured surface, I apply the paint with a palette knife and use painted art paper to define the color composition of the work. To create depth in the texture, I use pan pastels over the paint to give shadow and highlight to the composition. The final result is a piece that draws you in and invites you to feel the energy of the color story.

Step into color and let your story weave through the hues in front of you.

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