Project Description

Gregory Gorham

My current works are bright and colorful depictions of fishing vessels located here in the Pacific Northwest. I paint these subjects, their shapes, and lines, to expose the intricacies of their rigging and sweeping lines of their structures. I want my viewer to see them not only as working vessels but also as beautifully configured objects, showing their grace and endurance.

In these paintings, reflective surfaces play a supportive role in visually enhancing the intricacies of the vessels’ working parts. The contrasting surfaces of the water, its movement, and the stationery complexities of the fishing vessels’ rigging, nets, and pulleys play off each other to create contrasting elements. It is this play of moving reflections in the water and elegant lines towering over the vessels’ hull that informs my construction of the painting. The idea of contrasting elements also works in my recent foray into Linoleum block-printing, exploring movement in positive and negative space.


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