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Don Gray

For many years my art has tracked parallel courses, alternating between paintings that are within the realist tradition and works that are less literal, leaning more toward the abstract. There are aspects of both approaches that I love.

Painting abstractly is like taking a walk in the woods without a destination in mind. I try to stay open to exciting surprises and discoveries made along the way. The process is experimental, sometimes frustrating, often exhilarating.

Representation can surprise as well, but ultimately the brush bends itself to a goal: creating some form of likeness-a person, a building, a tree-something we all can recognize. It calls upon skills learned with patience and time. I have never lost my fascination with that magical point where paint transforms itself into this delightful illusion.

Abstraction launches me into an internal world of the imagination. Realist painting provides ballast for the voyage-a touchstone to the world before my eyes.

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