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Denise Clark Weston

My work explores the beauty of the natural world. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 35 years, and prior to that was a resident of San Diego. Surrounded by awe-inspiring coastal, mountain, and desert landscapes, and passionate about animals, I have found peace and tranquility, as well as joy in the beauty of the natural world.

I work in vivid colors, creating my uniquely colorful world. I’m a realist in terms of form and subject yet working with bold color to take realism for a wild ride.
Every painting is an experiment – I don’t know at the beginning what the work will look like at the end. I love the process of working through a piece, the uncertainty of the conclusion, and the challenge of discovering something new that works.

My work is in private and public collections in the United States and in Europe. I have won awards in local, national, and international exhibits. I currently have pieces available for viewing at Birdhouse Books in Vancouver, Washington.

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