Project Description

Cynthia Mosser

I am energized by organic, biomorphic forms which appear to converge, connect or float in space. Compositionally, my work has a strong emphasis on shape, color, and pattern. My goal is to engage the viewer with an exciting visual experience.

Colors and structures inherent to plants, animals, the ocean, as well as architectural and Hungarian folk art designs provide me with endless sources of inspiration. In regard to plants, I am deeply moved by their presence, especially when near a large gathering. A nursery, the Columbia River Gorge, or even a grocery store plant department are great examples. Shapes and colors seen and then hidden by ocean tide pools are another source of inspiration. Finally, Hungarian folk art embroidery influences my work because of its strong, abstracted plant-like forms.

Elliptical shapes (eggs) are my visual refuge owing to their symmetrical/asymmetrical qualities and implicit connection to the idea of potential or renewal.

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