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Chrissie Forbes

I do two types of art and have two separate work spaces in my house.

Found Object Robot Art: These are metal ‘critters’ I create with objects bought in thrift stores and the like. Each critter has a name and a story and a definite personality. During the last Open Studios I participated in, people loved exploring my basement to see my huge collection of parts and learn how I assemble my critters. The parts and the critters spark everyone’s imagination!

Oil paintings: My style is primarily impressionist but I also dabble in the abstract. I paint with strong colors trying to capture the grandeur of the world around us. My subjects vary from nebulae, waves, wildflowers, fall trees, wild skies, and more. It just depends on what is catching my eye and attention. In the last couple of years, I’ve jumped into palette knife painting and love all the colors I can pick up at the same time. My house, studio, and basement are filled with my work.

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