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Cheryl Mathieson

Plein air painting was the creative hook that changed everything for me and has been driving my painting in recent years. Observing how weather affects the landscape and then working quickly to capture the effects alla prima (working wet on wet), all the while being immersed in nature, directly impacts my studio painting. Bringing the viewer into emotional resonance with a particular place is my focus. Although primarily a landscape painter, I also use my particular technique to paint portraits and still life paintings from set-ups in my studio. I focus on direct painting from life in a realistic, yet painterly style.

My background includes an Associate Degree in Commercial Art, a BA in Fine Art and a Masters in Art Therapy. I continue to focus on honing my painting skills by studying with master artist Gregg Kreutz, landscape artists Thomas Jefferson Kitts, Jennifer Diehl and Mitch Baird, and portrait painter Robin Damore.

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