Barbara Bureker

I am a designer and creator of hand crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry. My ideas often begin with the stones I use; their colors, shapes and patterns have so many stories to share. I am also inspired by the natural world that surrounds me, the life and objects I see as well as lines, shapes, light and shadow. Occasionally a bit of whimsy and fantasy finds its way into my designs as well. The actual construction process begins with silver, copper or bronze sheet and wire. I use a variety of tools to saw, shape, solder, set stones and finish in various ways. One technique I enjoy is sawing out images behind the stone, which creates a little secret for the future owner. Sometimes the design changes in the process, which adds an element of surprise – and excitement – to the creative process. And I do love the process, all the messy, sometimes despairing, evolving and often triumphant bits of it!

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