Project Description

Anne Gilmour

I love combining unusual and unexpected combinations of color, pattern, texture, technique & fiber- I was born predisposed to possibilities. Working in textiles allows me a perfect vehicle to lend form to a constant flow of ideas. That these ideas can then live & breathe on a person and become a moving part in someone’s life is a special joy known only to those who invent wearables.

We live in a remarkable age of possibility- recently I finished a length of woolen cloth on my computer driven dobby loom, combining centuries old techniques with the latest technology, then took it to a local spinning guild meeting to ‘wet finish’ it with a traditional ‘Waulking’, using ancient Gaelic songs. The hands and voices of many people blessed this cloth, and the belief is that this spirit &
energy goes on to bless the finished garments and their eventual owners. This is a kind of old world
magic I love to believe in, in this age of possibility!

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