Ann Fleming

My work has been about examining the feminine for the last 18 years…first as a sculptor and now as a painter. My bronze figurative work was the exploration of the relationship with the self, each piece having an emotional resonance meaningful to my life journey as a woman and a mother. I find now that my paintings capture the relaxed beauty of thoughtfulness and contemplation with no need for answers and I have grown into more of a people watcher than ever before.

When I sculpt I work in potter’s clay which is then translated into bronze through the lost wax process. Having been a full time potter for over 25 years I am most comfortable with that sometimes unforgiving medium. I paint in acrylics paint because it allows me to change my mind, learn from practice and risk taking, and lets me move fast. Acrylic paint allows me to create texture, working layer upon layer using an assortment of tools. I love feeling the feeling of discovery.

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