Project Description

Adrienne Eliades

My ceramic work is rooted in the tradition of functional pottery. Yet it exists in a liminal space between pottery, art, and design. I am driven by form and surface designed to provoke an emotional response. I incorporate bright pastel colors and bold patterns comprised of shape and line. My energetic motifs are communications with the viewer, revealing their personal interpretations as the subconscious mind freely explores the visual stimuli.

Abstracting form and surface leaves the work open to enrich the user’s experience despite being a reflection of my own personality. My work is tight, well planned, and has extreme attention to detail while being playful and fun. I prioritize order, control, organization, and cleanliness. However, the breaks in my motifs and off-register patterns highlight my need for self-forgiveness from my perfectionist nature. Oftentimes these breaks are the most interesting parts.

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