Arts of Clark County annual grants totaling $2,500 were recently awarded to support three individual artists and two nonprofits with projects that will have a positive impact on the Clark County arts community.

Mixing it up – power of networking
Artist Erika Bartlett received a grant award for her work with Arts & Biz Quarterly mixers. These mixers are a series of community building events for local artists to gather and network with others outside of the arts community. The mission for this project is to foster collaboration and industry support as well as providing entrepreneurial and arts-related speaking opportunities. Other benefits of this project include enhancing the viability of arts as a local industry by adding a niche element vital to any profession.

A digital showcase
Artist Jill Mayberg will use her grant funding to develop her website.

Celebrating history
Artist Hilarie Couture will use her funding to produce a book featuring her recent painting series, Founding Mothers: Portraits of Progress. Couture will create an initial series of books that can be sold through the Historical Museum and local shows. Ten percent of purchase price will go back to support the Historical Museum.

Spirit of service
Empty Bowls is the winning project for Leslie Mohlman of the Woodland Action Center. The nonprofit will pair with Woodland High School’s ceramic club to produce and sell bowls as a fundraiser for the action center, the area’s local food bank and service center. Tickets will be sold for a gala event that will feature local restaurants, music from local students, and education detailing needs of the local community. Each ticket purchaser will receive a hand created bowl symbolizing the need to fill the bowl for the community. Funds will offset costs for the project’s promotion and materials. Ticket proceeds will help to support the Woodland Action Center.

Poetry in the rain
The Vancouver Downtown Association is a grant recipient for project DTVRAINKU. Modeled after Boston’s Raining Poetry project, Leone Rafferty of VDA will work under the counsel of Clark County Poet Laureate Christopher Luna and a committee of experts to install 20 pieces of poetry authored by local writers on downtown Vancouver sidewalks using Rainworks spray. The words will appear under April’s rain showers in honor of national poetry month.