A follow up meeting to the Clark County Arts and Culture Summit was held on March 28, 2012 at the Clack Public Utilities public meeting room. In attendance were about 30 of those people who had attended the summit and others interested in learning what took place at the summit so they could share their ideas.

The focus of the meeting was to identify specific recurring ideas that appeared in the doodles made by attendees at the summit just as lunch was wrapping up. These sheets of paper were organized into common themes and taped to the wall.

A discussion followed as we all identified three major themes that surfaced: 1) Identity and Inclusion, 2) Communication and Education, and 3) the need for an Arts Center and Art Space for studios and exhibition and performance space.

We talked about how the Clark County Arts Commission and Arts of Clark County could help with facilitating the efforts of those who have a passion to make these ideas a reality. Also discussed was the role the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) and Artist Trust could play in our community in providing support toward meeting these goals.

The meeting ended with plenty of questions and ideas posed to start a new conversation. But one thing was clear: to move forward on any one of the themes will require passionate people willing to work hard to get something started.

Arts of Clark County exists as a willing catalyst to bringing people together to further these goals.